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When your grandchildren are fifty, will they be reading paper books or e-books?

The reading public has embraced e-books. They love the convenience of having hundreds of e-books at their fingertips on their device of choice, including tablets, smartphones, and dedicated reading devices like Kindles and Nooks. Paper books will always have their place, but e-books are the future.


An electronic book (or e-book) is a book made available in digital form.

E-books are easy to share and update, and they are more flexible than paper books. Readers can adjust the font size to make reading easier on the eyes. Links in the text help the user navigate to sections of interest, and text search commands make it easy to find specific names, words, or phrases.

E-books never go out of print because they aren't printed at all. Share your book with family or other interested researchers, donate your book to archival organizations, or sell it on Amazon—your choice.

electronic reading device next to a stack of paper books

Here's how to create an e-book with Gedcom Publisher.

family tree chart showing ancestors of a person

Export your family history to GEDCOM from your favorite genealogy program.

screenshot of Chapters section of Gedcom Publisher application

Add text chapters and people from your database to the chapters Gedcom Publisher makes for you.

screenshot of File menu of Gedcom Publisher application with Make Book command highlighted

Tell Gedcom Publisher to create your e-book for you.

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