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Gedcom Publisher Version 1.00 Released

Gedcom Publisher is a ground-breaking application that creates an electronic book in EPUB format by combining text and images you enter with information taken from your GEDCOM file. Gedcom Publisher knows the ins and outs of constructing a book in EPUB format, and it knows how to read your GEDCOM file. That means you can focus on the content of your family history book.

An electronic book (or e-book) is a book made available in digital form. E-books are easy to share and update, and they are more flexible than paper books. Readers can carry hundreds of e-books with them on their device of choice, including smartphones, tablets, and dedicated reading devices like Kindles and Nooks. Readers can adjust the font size to make reading easier on the eyes, and links in the text help them navigate to sections of interest. Text search commands make it easy to find specific names, words, or phrases.

Paper books will always have their place, but e-books are the future.

Now you can publish your family history in an electronic book.

You may insert biographies from your genealogy database into your book by choosing people one at a time, or by entering criteria to select multiple people. The biographies are called person entries.

In addition to the information drawn from your genealogy project, you can add other content to your book, including text and images. You can link from narrative text to the person entries in the book, and add source citations where Gedcom Publisher manages the footnote numbers for you.

E-books are a great choice for archiving the fruits of your genealogy research project. E-books never go out of print because they aren't printed at all. E-books are contained in a single data file, so they are easy to share. Send a copy to family members or other interested researchers, donate your book to archival organizations, or sell it on Amazon–your choice.

Gedcom Publisher is incredibly flexible, and includes a GEDCOM reader that handles GEDCOM variations from popular genealogy programs.


The building blocks of your book are chapters. You add chapters to the chapter list, as shown below, using several different chapter types provided by Gedcom Publisher.

screenshot of Chapters Section in main window

Special purpose chapters automate the creation of the cover, table of contents, list of sources, list of exhibits, and name indexes. You add Content Chapters to provide the main content of your book, including text, images, person entries, internal and external links, and other content.

Example Book

Please see the example book to get a taste of what Gedcom Publisher can do.

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