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Accent Items are used to highlight people. Each Accent Item includes a filter to select people and a number (1 to 10) that determines which Accent Style is applied to people who pass the filter. You may add one or more Accent Items, but at most only one Accent Item will be applied to a person.

Gedcom Publisher defines ten Accent Styles. You may define more than ten Accent Items, but if so, two or more of the Accent Items will share the same accent style.


Gedcom Publisher evaluates the filters associated with the Accent Items in the sequence the Accent Items appear in the list. Once a person passes a filter, Gedcom Publisher will not evaluate any more filters. As a result, a person will be decorated by at most one Accent Style.

You do not have to put Accent Items in sequence by the Accent Style number you choose for the items. For example, if you want the filter for Accent Style 2 to take precedence over the filter for Accent Style 1, move the Accent Item for Accent Style 2 above the Accent Item for Accent Style 1.