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The Cover chapter identifies the JPEG image that represents the cover of the book. In the EPUB format, the cover is included inside the book as the first page. In the MOBI format, the cover image is part of the book, but does not appear in the viewable content.

For information about other chapter types, see the Chapters help page.

Custom Cover Image

A new ".gpfile" includes a Cover chapter that uses a generic cover image supplied with the program. For the best results, you should create a custom cover image for your book and use the Image (JPEG)... button in the default Cover chapter to choose that image file.

When creating a custom cover image, use the JPEG format. Use a portrait orientation (taller than it is wide) with an aspect ratio of 1 to 1.6. An image that is 1,000 pixels wide by 1,600 pixels high is a good choice.

Include the book title, your name, and any other text you desire as part of the cover image. Gedcom Publisher does not overlay any text on the image you provide.

Some retailers, including Amazon, require a cover image provided separately from the e-book file. You should not use the Cover chapter image for that purpose. Give retailers a high-resolution image that meets their specifications. As of May, 2018, Amazon requests an image that is 1,600 pixels wide by 2,560 pixels high.

Generic Cover Image

If you do not provide a custom cover image, Gedcom Publisher will generate a cover image by combining a generic image with the book title and author name.

Usage Guidelines and Limitations

  1. You should not disable the Cover chapter. A cover image is required by most reading systems, and a book that does not include a cover may be rejected by online publishers or may not work properly with some reading programs or devices.
  2. You should not add multiple Cover chapters. Gedcom Publisher will ignore the second and subsequent Cover chapters.
  3. If you do not designate a cover image, Gedcom Publisher will create a generic cover showing the book's title and the author's name.
  4. The Cover chapter is always the first chapter in the EPUB format book. If you move the Cover chapter to some other position, Gedcom Publisher will still render it as the first chapter.
  5. Cover chapters are not assigned a chapter number and are not included in the sequential chapter count.



The Title property identifies the chapter in the list of chapters list. The Title does not appear in the Cover chapter itself; the Cover chapter includes the cover image only.


You should not disable the Cover chapter. If you do, the e-book may not work properly in all reading programs and devices.

Reset Button

Use the Reset button to delete any existing cover image. If you do not choose another cover image after using the Reset button, Gedcom Publisher will use the generic cover image.

When you click the Reset button, Gedcom Publisher deletes any existing "cover.jpg" file in the "ui" subfolder under the Input (-i) folder. Do not place the only copy of your custom cover image in that location.

Image (JPEG)... Button

Use the Image (JPEG)... button to choose your custom cover image. Gedcom Publisher will copy the JPEG image file to the "ui" subfolder under the Input (-i) folder and assign it the name "cover.jpg".