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Gedcom Publisher uses a variety of characters, words, and phrases—collectively called strings—as part of the process of creating your book. You may edit those strings in order to change the output of Gedcom Publisher to meet your objectives. For most users, the default values will be satisfactory.

Strings vary with the book language, so, for example, the string values for English will be different from the string values for French. The strings facility in Gedcom Publisher is one of the key components for its ability to create books in multiple languages.

For an explanation of where and/or how a particular string value is used, see the Help page for the string's subsection. To find the subsection, use the Utilities > Edit Strings... command to review the string sections and press [F1] when the string property is visible.

Gedcom Publisher needs translators!

If you want to create a book in a language that Gedcom Publisher does not yet support, and you are willing to do a translation, please read the information on the Translations page. If you have any difficulty, please contact me. I will help you work through any issues.