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The Chapter Person item adds a person entry to a chapter for a single person selected by an ID number. For other ways to add people to a chapter, see the Chapter People help page.

Here's an example of a Content Chapter that includes a Text User Item and three Chapter Person items.

screenshot of Content Chapter item showing a Text User Item and three Chapter Person items
Content Chapter with Chapter Person Items

This is a completed Chapter Person item.

screenshot of Cpapter Person item edit window
Chapter Person Item



See Enabled in the Common Properties section of the User Items help page.


Specify the ID number of the subject whose person entry will be added to the current chapter in the ID textbox.


You may use the Picklist button to select the subject.


The Title property identifies the User Item in the User Items list. The title does not appear in the chapter.

Page Break Before

If Page Break Before is checked, Gedcom Publisher will add page-break-before: always to the CSS styles for this person, and many e-book readers will begin the content on a new page. Unfortunately, some e-book readers do not honor the page-break-before property.