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Most of your book's content is drawn from your data file. You may add other content via User Items.

User Items are added to Content Chapters. The User Item list in the Edit Chapter Item window includes buttons to manipulate the list including: Add Item, Edit Item, Move Up, Move Down, and Delete.

A new Gedcom Publisher file includes several pre-defined chapters that include User Items. You may edit the User Items in those chapters, or add other chapters and User Items. The pre-defined chapters and User Items are a starting point.

To add a User Item, you choose a User Item type from the Add Item... button under the list. Gedcom Publisher will open the "Add Item" window and from there you set the properties that vary by User Item type.

So, for example, when you add a Person Link User Item, you set a title (all user items have titles), but you also choose a person's ID number (the target of the link) and set other properties.

Some User Items are more complex than others. Link User Items are simple; the main properties of a Link User Item are a title and URL. Other User Items, such as the Image User Item, have a dozen or more properties.

Item Types

Several User Items add person entries to a chapter. They are described on the Chapter People page and listed here:

The remaining types add content to a chapter:

Adding User Items

Use the Add button under the User Items list to add User Items.

Editing User Items

Use the Edit button under the User Items list to modify an existing User Item. The Edit button opens an Edit Window.

You can also double-click an existing User Item to edit it, or select the item and then press [F7].

Deleting User Items

Use the Delete button under the User Items list to delete the selected User Item.

Editing the User Item List

Use the Up and Down buttons to move the highlighted entry, changing the sequence of the entries. The sequence of the entries determines the sequence of the content in the chapter.

The Left and Right buttons do not apply to User Items and they are always disabled. The same component is used to edit lists where those buttons are enabled.

You can also use the mouse to rearrange User Items by drag-and-drop.

Copy / Paste for User Items

You may use the Copy and Paste commands in the Edit Menu to copy User Items.

You may use the Copy and Paste commands to copy User Items from one chapter to another, or from one Gedcom Publisher file to another Gedcom Publisher file.

For more information, see Copy / Paste User Items on the Edit Menu page.

User Item Edit Window

User Items are modified via an Edit window. The contents of the Edit window vary according to the User Item type, but User Items share some common properties as shown below. For information about type-specific properties, see the links in the list of User Item types.

Common Properties

The following properties are included in multiple User Items.


The Alignment pull-down menu controls whether an item appears inline, floats left, is centered, or floats right. When floated left or right, any subsequent content will flow around the item's content on the opposite side.


The Clear pull-down menu provides a way to control the flow of content that follows a floated item. The option is named for the CSS parameter that controls that behavior.

Choice Behavior
None If there is a floated item above the current item, the current item's content will appear next to the floated item.
Left The current item's content will appear below any item above it that is floated to the left.
Right The current item's content will appear below any item above it that is floated to the right.
Both The current item's content will appear below any floated items above it.


The Enabled checkbox controls whether or not the User Item is processed when Gedcom Publisher is making the chapter. If Enabled is unchecked, the User Item is ignored.


The Title property identifies the User Item in the User Items list. For some items, the Title creates visible output, such as the text content of a Link User Item or a Heading User Item. For other items, the Title has no other purpose except to identify the item in the User Items list.