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The Person Exhibits item in the Person Entry list controls the inclusion of person exhibits. Person exhibits are attached to the main record for the subject whereas other exhibits are attached to sources, citations, etc.

If the Person Exhibits item is enabled, the selected person exhibits (primary, non-primary, or both), are included in a location based on the position of the Person Exhibits item in the Person Entry list.

You may add one or more Person Exhibits items.

Narration Format

When using the Narration Format, Gedcom Publisher has special rules for handling the Person Exhibits item.

... the HTML element that contains the person exhibits will float to the left allowing the narrative text in the following Body Tag Set flow to its right.

The conditions that meet the rules described above are met by the default property values in a new .gsfile.

The rules above are approximate. There are some combinations that are not described, but explaining the edge-cases would make the description hard to follow for the usual cases.



The Title identifies the item in the Person Entry item list. If Show Title is checked, the title appears above the exhibits in the Person Entry.

Show Title

If the Show Title checkbox is checked, the Person Exhibits Section will begin with the title. The default value is unchecked, and the title is omitted.

Primary or Non-primary

The Primary or Non-primary pull-down menu controls whether the current Person Entry Item inserts primary, non-primary, or both exhibit types.